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About Us


CANE Child Development Center believes that children learn through play, interactions with adults, other children and materials.  Teachers provide hands on activities that are relevant to children's own life experiences.   The day is planned so children are offered many opportunities to explore.

CANE is welcoming of all children and families.  CANE provides a healthy, safe learning environment.  We are committed to providing the highest quality child care.  CANE supports inclusion of children with disabilities and developmental delays and provides services for children with all abilities.  We also collaborate with key partners to be sure our families have all the right resources so they have a positive experience.  CANE staff is also available at any time to help our families.

Classrooms have appropriate ratio according to age groups and clear schedules of the day.  Children are their own unique individuals and teachers will individualize their lesson plans to meet each child's needs based on the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards.  Ongoing assessment will guide the teachers in planning appropriate activities for each child to meet their goals.

CANE has an open door policy.  Families are welcome to come to the facility.  We encourage families to share with us their customs and traditions.  This information allows us o bring home-life experiences into the classroom. 

CANE Child Development Center is a non profit organization established in 1962 to provide high quality affordable child care to all families in our community.  

Now Enrolling 

CANE is now enrolling Infants, Toddlers and  Preschoolers

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"These standards will guide early care and education practices, such as curriculum and assessment choices, to ensure children receive every opportunity to make progress in the designated learning domains" 

 (Rhode Island Early Learning Standards)

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